We’re introducing weekly hiring trends in InfoSec/Cybersecurity

If you’ve been a bit curious about how demand for certain job categories or specific keywords/tags etc. has been over the past few months, what it might be in the near future or how it’s developing right now, then we have something for you.

We started aggregating and visualizing the occurence of jobs within categories, a certain tag or perk/benenfit and put some charts on a few pages. It is the start of getting a deeper and timely insight into what’s happening on our site derived from all the data that’s been lying around already.

Trends overview page

Check out the overview page for all hiring trends here (you’ll also find a link to this page in the footer of the job site). There you’ll have access to the trend pages for each section like Job categories, Job tags and Job benefits and perks.

We hope that might help some of you or unearth some interesting trends or get a better feeling about what’s en vogue right now/not anymore or could be an interesting topic to shape your career around.

As already mentioned above we’re (again) just counting some stuff and putting nice charts on a page. It’s not the most sophisticated trend analysis for the InfoSec career world (yet). But at least its fun 🙂

P.S. If you’re working on some research project and think this data might help you out in some way. We’d be happy to provide you with an API or a data dump with the raw data points the charts are made of (starting in Jan. 2022). Drop us a message via data@infosec-jobs.com