We added a few new job categories

We’ve added three new job categories to our site by which jobs can be filtered now from the top of the search form. We provide these categories to allow a quick entry to the most popular categories when looking for jobs in the InfoSec/Cybersecurity space on our platform.

Here are the new categories we introduced:


A shortcut for jobs like “IT security administrator” and anything related to tech-related administrative tasks which require a strong security background.

See new open roles in the InfoSec Admin category here.


This category contains all jobs that deal with governance, risk and compliance topics as often defined by regulatory and legal frameworks.

See new open roles in the InfoSec Compliance category here.


Similar to the admin jobs this one is related to DevOps roles with a focus on Security within the DevOps scope (and sometimes beyond).

See new open roles in the DevSecOps category here.

Mobile view of search form with new categories.

We hope this helps you getting quicker access to the roles in your domain of expertise and that you’re looking for. Happy job hunting!