InfoSec/Cyber security salary survey and dataset updates

Money picture

Here comes a quick update on our salary survey and the dataset we generate out of it over at

First, with now being February already, we added 2022 to the work year selection so you can already add this year’s salary (estimate works too) to the survey.

We also saw that distinguishing between the estimated and actualy salaries didn’t carry a lot of value so we consolidated/simplified those into just the salary of each year (e.g. 2021e became 2021). You can find more details on the current format here:

And finally, we started adding salary info pages to the site that aggregate the data and display salary information where there’s more than just a few data points. Currently the filter attributes are job title, experience level and the employee residence country. Not all attributes are available at all times, as there’s still not enough data for many combinations.

Here’s an example (see all job titles with stats available in the footer of each page) for an Information Security Analyst:

If you like to see the dataset grow please don’t hesitate and share it with your friends and colleagues to fill out the survey, regardless of where you work or live – it’s global 🙂