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What we like

  • Articles about career/work-related topics as well as new tools, research, methods, strategies and stories related to all things Ethical Hacking / Pen Testing / Security Engineering / Threat Reasearch / Vulnerability Analysis / Cryptography
  • Posts written by employers / recruiters, e.g. on a certain approach to hiring, team building or communications
  • A review of a project or startup you worked on
  • Anything else we forgot to list here but you think would bring a lot of value to the audience of this platform

How we do it

  • You’re the copyright-owner and grant us permission to publish and promote your content
  • You’ll be mentioned as the author of the article and your info / bio with links to your website and social media accounts etc. appear at the end of the piece
  • We also accept posts that have already been published on other sites like Medium or as a LinkedIn article
  • We don’t monetize our Insights section by annoying ads, pop-ups, etc.

Let’s rock!

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