A first update on our salary survey

Money picture

🎉 We have a little update on our salary survey which we launched roughly three months ago (check out https://salaries.infosec-jobs.com/ if you haven’t yet) and needless to say we’re still pretty excited about it.

About four weeks after the launch we enabled the download feature on the site so everyone can get the latest dataset in JSON and CSV format. Furthermore there’s now a weekly sync of these results to a dedicated github repo as well.

As initially announced, but not yet implemented during that time, we built our own FX data API to provide free and public currency data (yes, you can use it as well if you like!) for the Forex calculations taking place on the dataset in the salary_in_usd column. This is because we allow people to fill in their annual salary in their home or actually paid out currency and then do the work for you to translate that into its corresponding USD amount (yearly average) for better comparability/reference, with data provided by the Bank for International Settlements (🏦 the bank for the central banks, basically).

Well, it’s always fascinating how much effort can go into something seemingly simple like a salary survey (hint: way more than you anticipated). But still, it looks like it’s worth the effort.

We also put in some more descriptive information on the download page about what each column in the dataset represents or how to interpret it. Should be pretty straight forward by now, and hopefull very easy to work with.

Now the plan is to keep this site up there indefinitely for the future to collect remote work salary information year by year on an ongoing basis. With this in mind it should be a good reason now to share this with your colleagues and friends if you haven’t done so yet. 😉

It’ll be very interesting to see how much data we can gather in the long term, and also keep in mind that all this is in the public domain (though mentioning the data came from us would be nice and also increases the amount of data available to share). Meaning it’s free to use by anyone for anything. 🙂

Last but not least: Many thanks to all of you who filled out the survey form and shared the site with others. That’s pretty awesome! 💪

IMAGE BY Ibrahim Boran